St Albans Pancake Festival Race Rules

Running Race
There will be 3 Flipping Spots; clearly marked in each lane (one at the start, middle and end of the lane.)
Each runner will:
Run, STOP and then flip at each of the three tossing spots
Go around the end cone at the end then run straight back to the start line
Hand their pan to the next team member, who can then start the race The Flippin’ Walkers Race

Walking Race
Each walker will:
Walk to the end of the track whilst constantly flipping their pancake
Go around the cone
Walk back to the beginning – still flipping their pancake
Hand their pan to the next team member, who can then start the race

Rules - Failure to comply with any of the rules below will result in team disqualification
Runners MUST STOP DEAD when at the flipping spots
Walkers MUST CONSTANTLY FLIP their pancake up and down the lane and back to the finishing line. They MUST NOT RUN.
In both races, competitors must bring the pancake back in the pan on their return to the start / finish line.
Team members must not cross the start line before receiving the pan from their team mate

Judges decision is final!
First and second place teams progress to the semi finals until the last four teams go head to head in the final. Overall winners in each category are presented with a ‘prestigious’, engraved pancake trophy. They are required to return the award the following year when they are expected to compete again to defend their title.

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